Blog challenge – Weekly prompts weekend challenge – beverage

I hope I am not too late for this, because it looks as though have already set a new challenge! The reason I am joining this challenge is that the title ‘Beverage’ appealed to me!!

I also took a photograph of one of my favourite beverages last week.


I wrote a couple of blogs about pubs during lockdown – please see my site if you are interested. Here is a link to one

Years ago, I also wrote a poem entitled ‘Intoxication’ which follows.


Substances taken may lead one to rue

Here I present, some old, some new

You will, of course, have your own point of view.

Take care with wine when on a date

There’s no doubt it can intoxicate

Just make sure your mate can wait!

The Festival of Beer draws deliriously near

Over-indulge and partners will fear

When 6x emanates from the rear!

The smouldering, sweet scent of dope

Lingers in the air to give you hope

No longer need you think of hanging by rope.

LSD and Coke may get you high

Avoid tall buildings if you try

We humans were not made to fly!

Life-giving water, innocent when well

Insidiously leaches inside the cell

You’ve heard the stories; it can give you hell.

Getting stoned on the music of time

Listening to a rhythm or rhyme.

The bouquet of a rose, nose of wine, rich in repose

To inebriate alters the mind-state

So whatever your cause to intoxicate

Beware, the effect, read the sell-by-date.

Pat Wood (2014)

So, hopefully you can see why the challenge appealed to me. Thank you for the opportunity to share my ‘stuff’!

If anyone can give me advice or point me in the direction of such – how to avoid the ‘paragraphs’ when typing a poem for example, I would be most grateful – being relatively new to WordPress and blogging!

#Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Beverage


  1. Pat, you’re not too late for the challenge. We post Wednesday and Saturday and there are no deadlines.

    I’ve only just spotted this post via your Autumn challenge post.

    There wasn’t a pingback to our Beverage challenge, so I looked further and realised you’d linked to the page that has a list of challenges and not to the actual challenge. No worries, I found it in the end.


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