Weekly Prompts – Autumn Magic

This challenge – #Autumn Magic – has really challenged me! I have learnt how to look through my photographs month by month – not something I have ever done before! It has also helped me to put them into an ‘Autumn Album’. So, I have chosen a few – I hope you like them.

Wednesday Challenge Permalink:


Berries and colourful leaves remind me of autumn. I am excited to get out and photograph these again. The other thing I have just learnt is how to line up several photos on here! I know to some of you this is easy, but for me it took a while to figure out! If someone can tell me how to make a photo smaller on here, I would be grateful.

Nest in an autumn tree

Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere (I live in the U.K.) began on 22nd September and ends on 21st December (this is defined by the Earth’s axis and orbit around the sun and is called Astronomical autumn)), though I often think of December as being Winter – do you? I think this is why – meteorological autumn, a fixed date, is always 1st September, ending on 30th November.

Seen on a Fungi Foray

This is an edit to my original post. I decided to listen to some poems about autumn and share them with you. I had forgotten how much I love listening to poems being read aloud. I have picked these for the voices as much as the poems themselves. Let me know what you think. There is the obvious ‘To Autumn’ by John Keats read here by Ben Wishaw:

The next is Sonnet 73, William Shakespeare, read by Sir Patrick Stewart and then Autumn by John Clare read by Richard Burton (what a voice). Apologies if the adverts appear.

What an interesting challenge – I hope you enjoyed looking at my photos and listening to the poetry about autumn.



  1. You will find that, on this challenge page, Sue offers some really useful tips on how to use various aspects of the WP blocks. I don’t know if she has tips on resizing pictures but, if not, she would be very happy to help.

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  2. Pat, your autumn photos are just lovely and I’m delighted that you have chosen to take part in our challenges.
    I will get back to you about about resizing images, but first, are you using the Classic editor or the blocks themselves?

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