About this site and me

I believe that we can all make a change in society and one way is to try and Lessen Our Carbon And Live (LOCAL). I will try to present issues on this site about ways that people and communities are doing this – trying to support our local communities and LOCAL at the same time. There will also be other stuff which I am interested in and I hope interests you!

You may wonder why my site is called ‘plogart’, well, it is my new word – ‘Plogart’ which comes from plogging – Swedish ‘plocka upp’ meaning to pick up (litter) while jogging (walking now!). I do have some Swedish heritage – as my grandfather was from Sweden. So, I pick up litter and make art with it! Every now and again you may see some of my plogart on this site. This is one thing we can do locally.

Plogart –
art made with litter

As a retired nurse lecturer, I remain enthusiastic about learning and communicating with people. I wish to share my journey and experiences in the hope that others may be encouraged to participate in their communities to address climate emergency issues in any way they can. I am also passionate about photography, poetry, planting flowers, playing the piano and yoga.